07-18-08 Blueberry-A Must Have for Any Garden!

Blueberry is the best plant to have in a garden. They do take a few years to get up to producing, but they are so rewarding. Blueberry is easy to grow. The best time to transplant them is in the spring. Blueberry likes a slightly acidic soil, so pile some saw dust around the bast is good for it. My blueberries are ready to pick, I added some 0-0-50 to boost the fruit bearing power. We are enjoying the fresh berries and I am freezing any extras. I am planning to make some Blue and Black jam (Blueberry+Blackberry)later in the season.
I bought some apricots from a local fruit stand and made the Apricot Blueberry Tart, it was delicious...made even better served with vanilla ice cream....yummmmm!

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