2010 Garden Inventory_July

It is the end of July, the garden is in full output mode. So far I've harvested radishes, zucchini, broccoli, cucumber, peas, lettuce, stem lettuce, kohlrabi, cabbage, baby bok choy, beets, artichoke, garlic and garlic chive. And green beans and corns are just begin to come on. Got a few red tomatoes. Watermelons and Mini Dew are finally taking off.

Broccoli: Bought the starts from Portland Nursery in early May and transplanted to the garden. it is now at the end of its season, however still producing smaller florets that is no less tasteful. I have make broccoli soup and blanched and frozen some.

Red and White Tux radish: Sowed in March, been producing great tasting radishes through May/June. The cool weather this spring was beneficial to the radishes

Lettuce/Stem Lettuce/peas: planted in April, produced a lot of nice lettuce
Stem lettuce is ready to harvest in Mid July. A late planting of shelling peas (May 17) are just start to produce.

Spring Java Cabbage started in April, transplanted in May, start harvesting at the end of June. Still have some in the garden, but quality is deteriorating. Split occurs when watered. Made two batch of Kimchi and two batches of sauerkraut, and many great tasting coleslaw.

Zucchini: Started some in April, transplanted in late May, started producing July 4th, it is in full production. Made Zucchini chips with Bread and Butter recipe, great tasting. Also added some oil and hot pepper and made Bread and Butter on Fire, tastes even better!

Cucumbers: Started some in March, transplanted on May 15 (after the May hail storm), planted second batch in April, and more in May. July 15 got the first Stallion White Cucumber, was from the ones started in March. Two weeks later, ones planted in April and May are also producing. The conclusion is starting cucumbers too early is not worth the efforts. Cucumbers are not going to grow until the weather warms up.

Green Beans: Zupa No-String Green Beans sowed in late May started to produce at the end of July. Broad Beans (Della Fave and Ruby Crest) sowed in May 3, started to produce at the end of July. The growth was slow this year due to the cool spring. Pole beans are only 4 feet tall in June. The hot weather in July pulled it up in a hurry.

Asparagus Beans: Sowed in June, about 5" tall now, expecting to produce in August.

This year I ha d to sow melons three times (May, mid June and late June). Melons are particularly sensitive to the cool weather, in the first two attempts, tender seedlings didn't survive the cool rainy spring. Guess the third time is a charm, with the hot July they are finally taking off. Great hopes for watermelon and mini Dews.

Eggplants: Sowed in Feb 14, transplanted to the garden in early June. Although early June is when I normally transplant eggplants, but this year was cooler than normal. The eggplants suffered as the results. They were stunned. They are now growing fine.

Peppers: Peppers were started in Feb 14, transplanted in early June, they survived better than the eggplants. They are taking off now, seeing small peppers setting on the plants.

Soybeans: At the time I transplanted the eggplants and peppers, I sowed soybeans in the empty spaces. They are growing up at about the some height of the peppers/eggplants. They are great for providing shades and suppressing weeds. They have flowers on them now.

Beets (Cylindrical) sowed in April are about 4-5" long and can be harvested.

Carrots: At the time I transplanted the cucumbers started in March, I sowed carrots and radishes in between the cucumber rows. The radishes did great, not so great are the carrots, some survived. Sowed another batch in July, for fall harvesting, they are just emerging now.

Corns: Sowed some in May 5, have small corns on it. Sowed second sowing in June, they are 4 feet tall.

Conclusions: Peppers and eggplants can be started about a month later, March 15 instead of Feb. Because you can not transplant them out to the garden until weather is about 70F

Corns can be sown a little later as well.