Feverfew (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feverfew) is a great medicinal herb, it possesses anti-inflammatory quality. Its name came from Latin, meaning "fever reducer". The plant can be used to treat minor ailments such as headache. Scientific studies have shown that feverfew has the ability to kill off some cancer cells. Feverfew tea is delicious, here'w how to make it:
Place feverfew flowers, mint leaves and lemon balm leaves in a tea pot, pour boiling water in the pot. Cover the teapot with a kitchen towel. Let stand for  minutes. Serve with honey.

Tips for Gardeners-What to do with expired vitamin pills

If you ever have vitamins and other health supplements that are expired, don't through them away, feed them to your plants. You can do this for your indoor plants as well as outdoor ones. Make sure you water the plants well after you fed them the vitamins. They can bring out the vibrancy in your plants.