The chicks are here!

We are getting our chicks from Linnton Feeds. The first three we got are MOYERS. We will get a few more as they become available. Right now they are staying inside our house as it is still cold outside. They are in a box lined with straws with a table lamp for warmth. They are already getting a little more capable just in a few days. Two of them can jump out of the box, so I have to keep a lid on. I used one of my plant trays with lattice so they can get some fresh air.

Update: 3/26/09 We got five more chicks, they are GOLDEN COMETS, was what we were told. They lay brown eggs. These are very tiny chicks. When we got them home they were not looking very happy. Thanks goodness for Lucas' quick thinking, he set up the heat lamp right away and gradually they were back to their chippy selves. One thing for new chicks owners, they can't really eat off of the chicken food try and water bottle that you buy from the store. I scattered some food on the floor and placed a shallow tray of water, they were able to eat out of that :)