Summer Good Eats: Savory Zucchini Pancakes

To me savory zucchini pancake represents the true beginning of summer vegetable season. This morning I made it again with my Speedy Silver Zucchini. I absolutely LOVE this variety. The plant is small and compact and produces zucchinis just 40 days from sowing, unlike the traditional varieties that will almost get too big for your garden before producing anything.
Recipe: combined the shredded zucchini with new potatoes and fresh onion from the garden, added salt to draw the moisture out of the vegetables and added one egg and just enough flour to bind everything together. Cook it like you would pancakes on a flat non-stick pan with a small amount of oil on the bottom. Yummmmmmm! You can make your own versions of zucchini pancake, adding parsley, Parmesan cheese or what ever you like. Here's to summer good eats!

Making Soy Milk

Soy Milk is easy to make and everyone who could should make it. I made soy milk and took some pictures to demonstrate how it is done. Here are the steps:
1. Soak 1 C. dried soybeans (preferable organic soybeans) with ample amount of water overnight.
2. Place soaked soybeans in a food processor, blend until soybeans are pulverized.
3. Scape the soybean paste into a large bowl, add 2 quarts of water.
4. Run liquid through a fine mesh strainer into a cooking pot.
5. Bring the liquid to a boil
6. Add 1 t. pure vanilla and 1/2 C. of coffee creamer of your choice, let cool.
Now I hope you will make your own soy milk soon :)

Another Year of Radish

I harvested 5 lbs of Crimson Ladyfiner Radish (New Dimension Seed) this morning. Made a radish pickle that will go with the sushi I will have for lunch. All I did was to slice the cleaned radishes, added flavored sushi vinegar, let it set for a while. It is making my mouth watering right now.... I trimmed and cleaned the rest and bagged them up for later...Radish season is short, yet it's so goood!

Drip irrigation up! Time to sit back and relax?

My drip irrigation system done! The garden is about 50'X50' and it took us about 4 hours to set up and is well worth the efforts. I have cucumbers, corns, peppers, eggplants, beets, Chinese cabbage, watermelon, sweet musk melons, squashes in this garden. I sowed Asparagus beans and more cucumbers after the drip irrigation is up.

2009 Melon Trial, beans...

My melon trial this year consists of: Green and Yellow Ice Box watermelon, Oriental Petite Watermelon (New Dimension Seed), Sweet Secret (Oblong musk), Money Box (musk), Beauty Jade (sweet melon) and Mike's heirloom (sweet melon). I transplanted them today.

Also planted are the beans. They all peeked out of the soil. This year I have Xupar Snap Beans and Ruby Crest Broad Asian Beans from New Dimension Seeds, French Fillet Beans (skinny pencil sized beans) from Cooks Garden, Romano Beans and Selma beans, a green pole bean with purple striations, should be nice.... Xupar was planted in April under minihooper, it already has blossoms on, should be ready in a couple of weeks.