Tips for Growing Lettuce

Lettuce is among the easiest vegetables to grow. Here's one way to make it even easier. When the outer leaves of the lettuce get big enough to eat, harvest them. Leave the plant alone, it will generate more leaves. This way you get more leaves from one plant then harvesting the whole plant, and you don't have to waste the outer leaves. Plant several varieties of lettuce it will add more color and texture to your salad. Good luck and happy gardening!

White peony in the garden is blooming. The outside of the flower petals is slightly pink, it has the best fragrance in the May garden. In spite of its graceful beautiful appearance, you don't need a green thumb to grow peony. Peomy has a large root system and once established it is very hard to be mishandled. The root system will get bigger with each growing years, you can divide it to make new plants.

Locust Flower Pancakes

Locust flower is not only edible, they also have many health benefits. In Chinese Medicine locust flowers are primarily used to reduce the excessive heat from the liver, which can cause headache, eye and throat irritation, hemorrhoid, blood in stool. The flower can be made into tea. Locust flowers also make great tasting pancakes...