07-05-08 4th of July

The garden looks really good for the 4th of July. My beans are looking great (Xupar No-String from New Dimension Seed), they have a lot of blossoms, I am looking forward to fresh beans in a few days. I sow the seeds one May 1 under the cover of Minihooper, that got them going early. Especially with our cool spring this year, I know I am the first one on this side of town with fresh beans (see photo). I think I will plant another batch tomorrow, so I'll have more beans later. Got to think ahead.
(Tips: the best way to grow the beans is to drop 2-3 beans every 6-8", and plant a double row. See pics, they form a nice canopy. It is the most efficient way to grow them).

Right now I still have radishes, cabbages, Speedy Silver Zucchini (New Dimension Seed) are just coming on. I had a couple tiny ones in my salad yesterday. What else? Oh watermelons are finally grown to 3" tall and looks like they are on their way. Corns are pretty tall. Soybeans are doing well. They were sowed on May 12, because of the cold weather, they got a late start. I didn't cover them with the Minihooper.

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