07-10-08 New Potatoes_Yokon Gold!

Nothing will give boost to a new gardener's confidence than growing potatoes. It is easy to grow, all you have to do is to bury the tubers in the spring and watch them grow. It is worth it to invest some seed potatoes. You can find all kinds of varieties in your local garden centers or feed stores. I have Yukon Gold and the red potatoes in my garden. Piling dirt around the base of the potato plants will yield more potatoes. The nice thing about growing potatoes is, once you get them started, you will have them for ever (well, unless you really try to get rid of them). The potatoes are ready to be harvested once the green top start to turn brown. But you can "steal" little potatoes before that happens. New potatoes are delicious. I boiled mine in crab boil, a trick I picked up visiting New Orleans. The potatoes pick up the spicy flavor from the water and so tasty! If you unsuccessful at grow potatoes, there's still hope, try horseradish.

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