07-04-08 Fresh Shelling Peas!

P Square Shelling Peas (www.newdimensionseed.com) is a short bushy variety of shelling peas. I sowed them on May 15 and they are just ready to eat. Sometimes people say you need to sow peas in Feb., the truth is sowing them up until May is fine. If you sow them early, you can harvest them at the end of May, but most people aren't really ready to get in the garden in Feb. So, sowing them in May is fine. I have sown them in December before. Actually what I did was to scatter some peas in my nice leave compost pile, they germinated in Feb. when the daffodils start to bloom, and I had fresh peas in May.

I shelled the peas and just boiled them quickly and added a little salt and pepper and butter, yum! It is soooooo creamy!

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