07-16-08 Cucumbers

Due to the cold spring this year, many gardeners experienced problems with their vegetable gardening. Seeds are programed to germinate and grow under a set of pre-programed conditions. For cucumbers, that means a temperature range of between 65-90 F. At this range the photosynthesis is most effective. Cucumbers roots are especially sensitive to ground temperature, they stop develop completely at below 54 F. The cold and wet spring this year certainly didn't help cucumbers. Raising the soil temperature is an effective way of overcoming the the cold condition and get your vegetables an early start. I grew my cucumbers under my Minihooper (http://newdimensionseed.com/tools.html), which is a minihoop house from New Dimension Seed. My cucumbers are just now starting to bear fruit. (http://newdimensionseed.com/toolsminihooper.html) A few days ago, I planted another two rows of cucumbers (without any cover), kept the planting site moist and they shot up instantly because of the hot weather we are having.
To all gardeners: A key to good gardening is to meet the needs of your seeds, they will return the favor ten folds. Good luck and happy gardening!

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