Dolma, Easy and Delicious

Dolma is a popular Middle Eastern dish. If you have grape vines in your garden, make this easy and delicious dish using the tender grape leaves. All you have to do is to make a ground beef and rice mixture, similar to that of a cabbage roll. Only instead of warping them in cabbage leaves, you wrap them in grape leaves. The easy part is you just have to steam them for 15 minutes, and they are ready to serve. Super easy and delicious!

Feverfew ( is a great medicinal herb, it possesses anti-inflammatory quality. Its name came from Latin, meaning "fever reducer". The plant can be used to treat minor ailments such as headache. Scientific studies have shown that feverfew has the ability to kill off some cancer cells. Feverfew tea is delicious, here'w how to make it:
Place feverfew flowers, mint leaves and lemon balm leaves in a tea pot, pour boiling water in the pot. Cover the teapot with a kitchen towel. Let stand for  minutes. Serve with honey.

Tips for Gardeners-What to do with expired vitamin pills

If you ever have vitamins and other health supplements that are expired, don't through them away, feed them to your plants. You can do this for your indoor plants as well as outdoor ones. Make sure you water the plants well after you fed them the vitamins. They can bring out the vibrancy in your plants.

Tips for Growing Lettuce

Lettuce is among the easiest vegetables to grow. Here's one way to make it even easier. When the outer leaves of the lettuce get big enough to eat, harvest them. Leave the plant alone, it will generate more leaves. This way you get more leaves from one plant then harvesting the whole plant, and you don't have to waste the outer leaves. Plant several varieties of lettuce it will add more color and texture to your salad. Good luck and happy gardening!

White peony in the garden is blooming. The outside of the flower petals is slightly pink, it has the best fragrance in the May garden. In spite of its graceful beautiful appearance, you don't need a green thumb to grow peony. Peomy has a large root system and once established it is very hard to be mishandled. The root system will get bigger with each growing years, you can divide it to make new plants.

Locust Flower Pancakes

Locust flower is not only edible, they also have many health benefits. In Chinese Medicine locust flowers are primarily used to reduce the excessive heat from the liver, which can cause headache, eye and throat irritation, hemorrhoid, blood in stool. The flower can be made into tea. Locust flowers also make great tasting pancakes...

Porridge, gruel, mush... your body needs it!

Gruel, attainable healthy
A new small kitchen appliance can change your healthy... Yea, yea, yea, you say to yourself, how many times have I heard of that? But, this thing really works! It is a soy milk maker, however it does more than soy milk. I use it to make porridge, gruel or mush, whatever you call it. It is an easy and delicious way to boost your health. You can use all sorts of grains, legumes and other nutritional rich ingredients. It has a heating element and a blender built in, it will break up all the ingredients and make them into a thin porridge like paste. The sensor inside the machine will stop the porridge from boiling over.
A simple recipe goes like this: 1 cup of black rice, 2 cups of white rice, 1 cup of assorted legumes (small red  beans, kidney beans, mung beans or navy beans or whatever you have on hand), 1/4 cup of black sesame seeds and 1/4 cup of flax seeds.
Use 2/3 cup of the gruel mix, add 6 cups of water, set the soy milk maker to "dry beans" and the cooking will begin. 20 minutes later you will have a pot of healthy warm delicious gruel.
The colorful various ingredients you add to your gruel mix consists of vital nutrients, nutrients our bodies don't get in the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), nutrients our bodies desperately need. The machine break up the cellular structures of the ingredients, making nutrients easily accessible to our bodies.

Gruel Mix