Meatball Sub and Netflix for Dinner

Tonight I am having meatball sub on a homemade bread, it goes perfectly with the Neflix movie I just received in the mail-Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. On first look, this meatball sub didn't seemed all that "garden" intensive, but upon a closer exams, it is filled with the delicious flavors preserved from the summer garden. The sauce is my homemade tomato sauce. I am almost running out of the tomato sauce I canned last year. Thank goodness I just planted this years crop.
The meatball is filled with flavors from the herbs I dried last summer. This is when the work you do in the summers paying big dividend. I can't imagine living without them. The spring is chugging along, fresh lettuce is all the rage at the moment. My new discovery this year is a lettuce called "Prize Head". It is a small butter head type lettuce, fast mature and very crunchy with great flavors. Before long, the garden should be in full production again...

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