2009 Melon Trial, beans...

My melon trial this year consists of: Green and Yellow Ice Box watermelon, Oriental Petite Watermelon (New Dimension Seed), Sweet Secret (Oblong musk), Money Box (musk), Beauty Jade (sweet melon) and Mike's heirloom (sweet melon). I transplanted them today.

Also planted are the beans. They all peeked out of the soil. This year I have Xupar Snap Beans and Ruby Crest Broad Asian Beans from New Dimension Seeds, French Fillet Beans (skinny pencil sized beans) from Cooks Garden, Romano Beans and Selma beans, a green pole bean with purple striations, should be nice.... Xupar was planted in April under minihooper, it already has blossoms on, should be ready in a couple of weeks.

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