Seedling Inventory in April

New Pepper Trial: I sowed some Red Rocket Pepper seeds yesterday. This is a new variety that I have acquired from China. It possesses may characteristics that I am looking for for a home garden: sweet small fruit with thick meat, early maturing and a robust plant.

Eggplant Starts: I've had a great success in my eggplant starts. I sowed Black Dragon Eggplant and Opus Eggplant (Both from New Dimension Seed) on April 1.

Tomato Plants: I purchased this years tomato starts from Columbia County Master Gardener Sale. They varieties I got were: Sungold, Sweet100, Roma, Giant Valentine, Isis, Saucey, Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple and a few other varieties. 7000 tomato plants were sold out in 4 hours! I believe that is a new record. Anyway, I've got mine. I will be transplanting them as soon as the soil warms up, and I will cover them up with Minihooper so they will get an early start.

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