Tomatos planted

From end of March to the beginning of May, soil temperature remained at 50F. Under the minihooper, it is 6By now the soil 60F. Now the soil temperature is a steady 60 F, and inside the minihooper it is 70F. I have transplanted my tomato plants, beans are about 3" tall, both are under the minihooper. This year I got quite a few heirloom varieties of tomatoes, looking forward for a taste test in the summer. The Sungold already has a cluster of blooms on.

At 60F, the soil temperature is still too cold for cucumbers. Since there is a lot of space inside the minihooper, I placed some cucumber trays inside the minihooper. This way they will be germinating inside the minihooper and can be hardened off easily. I also started a bed of lettuce that has green and red lettuce and mizuna. The arugula I planted in early march are spent, and needs to be replaced.

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