Learning more about the chickens

The chickens are getting bigger, so now they are living in a big wooden box in our garage. We are going to build a chicken house soon... Among the chickens we have are: laying hens (White Leghorn, Golden Comets and another unknown kind), a couple Ginnie birds and a couple bantam roosters we adopted. Someone lives inside of city limit could not keep them. They are an English Game bantam cock and a Sebright Roost. Both are small breads, they are beautiful birds.
My discoveries about chicken this weeks are: they eat a lot and grow fast; they are a lot like high-schoolers, hanging out by age group, regardless of what kind they, they are faster than me but slower than my cat.
I remember my grandma used to chop up vegetable scraps and mix with corn meals to feed chickens, that's what I am feeding them every morning besides the medicated chick feeds we bought for them. The farm store people recommended the medicated feeds because it suppose to prevent diseases for young birds. They can hear me coming in the morning and get all excited. I have also noticed I've been watching a lot less TV. I now watch my reality show: the chicken channel.

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