Chile Rejeno and Chile En Rajos

Chile Rejeno
Once again, I made Chile Rejeno. It was very popular in our house, everyone loves it. This week I got a recipe from an old couple who frequently travel to Mexico. They told me this is a simple but good way to prepare chile without going through all the trouble of making Chile Rejeno...

Chile En Rajos
15 Chiles
1 onion
1 cube butter
1 tsb chicken bullion
1 can medoa crema
1 can corn
1 lb. chihuahua selecgo cheese (mexican cheese)
Slice onions, cut cheese in small cubes; roast chiles on stove over burners until skin is dark. put in a bowl, cover. peel off the skin when chiles are cooled and slice.
Put butter in pan and fry onions until transparent. Add chiles, corn, chicken bullion, media crema and cheese. stir 15 minutes on medium heat.

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