Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

Old German Tomato

If the last day of frost supposed to be April 15, then it's time to start your tomatoes. Tomatoes should be started 6-8 weeks before the last estimated frost date. So if you haven't started them yet it's time to do it. It actually also depends on your set up, if you have a heat mat and lamps then starting them a little late is OK, if you do not then start them a little early. Tomatoes typically germinate between 3-10 days, depending how fresh the seeds are and the temperature you start them at.
Here are a few steps to follow if you want to grow your own tomato plants from seeds:
(1) Select the varieties you like to grow
(2) Get fresh potting soil, and if they are not pre-fertilized, add a small amount of fertilizer
(3) Fill 4" pots with potting soil, moisten slightly.
(4) Place one seed on each corner, cover with more potting soil.
(5) Water well, and keep in a warm, sheltered space.
Check periodically and water when necessary. You only need to keep the soil moist, not drenched. When the tomato seeds germinate and about 2" tall:
(6) Separate them and transplant them into their own 4" pots. Keep them there until ready to transplant.
(7) Transplant the tomatoes when the night time soil temperature is above 50 degrees F consistently. Add
Small seedlings
Tomato ready to transplant

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