Early Maturing Vegetables Fare Better

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it is another year of cool weather. If this becomes a pattern, we gardeners will have to adapt. There are several strategies we can use to get an early harvest despite of the adverse weather conditions, the most important one I think is to plant early maturing vegetable varieties. I have made that my quest for the past decade, many of the early vegetable varieties are included in my New Dimension Seed collection.
Bell pepper usually requires lots of heat and extended time to maturing, I plant a pointy shaped sweet pepper called Early Red Roaster Sweet Pepper. It sets peppers early on and the peppers turn color a lot sooner than the bell peppers. The plant is stocky and robust, no worry about if falling over. It has high fruit setting rate, one small plant can produce 20+ peppers. It is good for stuffed peppers, roasted for sandwich and dips, even chili rellenos (the non-spicy version). It is late July, the peppers are already putting out large fruit.
Another one of my favorite early maturing veggies is Opus Eggplant. For the story of Opus Eggplant, you'll have to read my blog http://thegardenchronicle.blogspot.com/2011/03/story-of-mr-holland-and-opus-eggplant.html...

Happy Gardening!

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