The Story of Mr. Holland and Opus Eggplant

Opus Eggplant is a hard, round Asian eggplant that matures early. I like it not only because it matures early, also because of its exceptional quality in texture and taste. It was not a popular variety in my seed collection. I always thought maybe because people don't eat that many eggplants, or maybe because of their disappointing eggplant growing experience. I frequently hear people say:"My eggplant never produced!" or "My eggplant set fruit so late, by the time the weather turned cold, they were still size of a golf ball". I'd always told them they should try Opus Eggplant, it does not disappoint!
One such person I convinced was Mr. Holland. I met Mr. Holland in a local Flower and Garden Show. Mr. Holland loves eggplant, but complained how much work it is to get his eggplant to produce. I told Mr. Holland I can get my Opus Eggplant to produce at the end of June, good eating sized eggplants. He bought the seeds at the show, with certain amount of reservation.
The next year at the same garden show, an older gentleman walked straight up to me and said: "I got my eggplant to produce June 15th!" I was befuddled, and said: "And you are....", trying to search my brain where I had met him. "I am Mr. Holland, Karl. Remember me? You sold me Opus Eggplant last year." Ahh, now it all makes sense, eggplants!
Mr. Holland went on raved about how good the eggplant tastes: "It's sweet with no bitterness whatsoever, and it's firm, I made the best eggplant Parmesan ever! We just LOVE it!" Even though I knew all about Opus Eggplant, it is one of my favorite. Still, it was so nice to hear from someone else, especially from a enthusiastic eggplant lover.

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