Backyard Chickens: Leghorn-The Egg Laying Champion

Raising backyard chickens is a great way to get high quality protein. Chickens start to produce eggs anywhere from 5-9 month after hatching. Leghorn is one of the best egg layer there is around. Not only they start laying early in age, they are the most consistent egg layers. Leghorns are small bodied birds, they have a very efficient egg/feed conversion ratio. Our leghorn has been laying almost daily for two and half years. Feeding extra protein to the chickens is important, so they can replenish their body for the high protein demands from laying eggs. Feed chickens any leftover food you may have besides the chicken feeds. Chickens are not very picky, they will eat just about anything except purple vegetables. Leghorns are not broody, they lay their eggs and off they go. Mine has not gone through molting in the two and half years I've had her.

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