Tomato dream is on the way

Tomato varieties I grew from seeds this year and why:
1. Old German: Good ole beefsteak with red/yellow coloring that matures early here. Great flavor, one of my all time favorite;
2. Siletz: Early and reliable determinate plant, large red tomatoes. Always the first large ones to turn red;
3. Peron: Early, semi-determinate. Good sized tomatoes, pretty productive;
4. Isis Candy: Somewhat late, but worth the wait. It produces large cocktail sized tomatoes with yellow threads in them. Flavor only develops after fully mature. Although the fruit can be red a while before that. Very sweet!
5. Yellow Cuban Grape: Super productive, long harvesting period. Intense flavor. Will last after frost hits, when all the leaves are gone and still little yellow tomatoes lingering on the vine.
6. Green Zebra: Growing for the flavor and coloring. Mid maturing, tomatoes do turn soft when matured, love the flavor.
7. German Red Strawberry: new trial;
8. New Yorker: new trial; A improved Fire-Ball type tomato. Disease resistant, better yet, determinate. I grew the old fashioned Fire-Ball last year. I liked the taste and the near perfect pinkish tomatoes it produces. Plant did better than others going into fall.
9. Tiny Roma: New trial.

(Also trailing: a new type of pepper called Manzan chili, bright orange with black seeds. Hot with Scovill range of 10,000-30,000. Another variety that is red with black seeds is called locoto or rocoto chili.
Pepper hotness scale:

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Pammy said...

Popped in to see what's cooking ;) Sounds like a great tomato line up!! Love the green zebra down here because it holds up to the heat so well. I'm trying the red zebra this year to see if it does as well. Can't wait to start cooking with them!! xxooxx