The Many Uses of Shredded Beef

While living in California years ago, we lived next door to a Hispanic family, mom, dad and seven kids. The youngest among the bunch was Frankie, and Frankie's mom was always cooking. Since I am food curious by nature, I was over her house a lot. It was from her, I learned many of the authentic Mexican food I enjoy today. I had tacos, burritos, fried pork skin and beef tripe in lard and served with cilantro lime sauce. The family raised bunnies in the backyard and butchered them for delicious feasts, that's a story for another day. Today, I would like to share with you the shredded beef I learned from Frankie's mom.

You can say shredded beef is a main staple in Mexican food. It is easy to make and can be used in a varieties of Mexican dishes. I make burritos and tamales and freeze them. I am not a fan of processed store-bought frozen food. But this, my friend, is a much better way to enjoy frozen food. No preservatives, no extra fat, no extra salt, no MSG, just wholesome food that are frozen. I send these homemade goodies with the kids when they come visit, to make sure they are well fed in college....


3 lb. beef (any cut), cut into large pieces,
2 medium onions, chopped into large piece,
fresh tomatoes, or canned tomato sauce or left over salsa,
1 large dried Mexican Ancho chili pepper,
1 T. onion powder,
1 T. garlic powder,
1 T. Salt,

1 T. mole (from a jar. You can use other sauce you have on hand, such as chipotle)


Heat a heavy stainless or cast iron pot until very hot, add chopped up beef. The beef will sizzle as it hit the pot. Let it brown on all sides, add the remaining ingredients. Cover with a tight led, let the meat simmer until tender and easily shredded. Approximately 2 hr. It is important, according to Frankie's mom, to let the meat cook in their own juice.

This beef can be used to make any of the Mexican entries calls for shredded beef, such as taco, burrito, tamales, sopes (Mexican pizzas) and tortas (Mexican hamburgs).

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